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PSake task to scan and execute all test projects

Another one for the toolbox. This script will execute all scan for all unit test projects and execute them. It assumes that all test project names end with 'Tests', the assembly name is the same as project name, and the project folder is at the solution root.


task RunTests -depends Compile {
	$xunitRunner = "tools\XUnitRunner\xunit.console.clr4.exe"
        $project = $_.BaseName
        Get-ChildItem ..\ -Recurse -Include *Tests.csproj | % {
		   .$xunitRunner "$srcDir\$project\bin\Release\$project.dll"


Patching OpenWrap descriptor with a branch name.

Firstly, why would would one want to do this? Well, it would depend on your team's setup. If you like to regularly create branches (for features, versions, spikes or otherwise), you may also like to have those branches built under CI. The problem is that it is not desirable to have the artifacts / packages of builds of these branches conflicting. Especially if you publish these artifacts to a shared location on a network drive.

Since two branches may have the same 'version', the best way (that I can come up with) to differentiate OpenWrap packages is based on the branch name, since that is usually guaranteed to be unique within a VCS.

At this point I am mostly experimenting, so I don't have this in active use, but this is how I am considering doing it. My build script tool of choice is PSake and the VCS is HG, but the concept should work for other setups.

Take an OpenWrap.desc file:

name: DH.Common
depends: Xunit
depends: ...

Add a field to the name and commit this:

name: DH.Common.%BranchName%
depends: Xunit
depends: ...

Add a build task to 'patch' the OpenWrap.desc file. This should be exected before the openwrap task:

task PatchOpenWrapDesc{
   $branchName = hg.exe branch
   Get-Content $rootDir\OpenWrap.desc | `
      Foreach-Object {$_ -replace "%BranchName%", "$branchName"} | `
      Set-Content $rootDir\OpenWrap.desc

This will result in a wrap called "DH.Common.branchName.wrap" and will be not clash with wraps created from other branches, by default.

If there is need to designate a branch as a 'release', removing the branch name patching is a dilberate step, which I prefer from an SOP point of view.