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Inconsistent Code Style annoys me

Honestly, I don't care if you are a spaces kinda person, or a tabs kinda person, or your class members start with 'm_' / '_' / nothing at all. What ever you choose, just be consistant throughout your code base. It makes your code readable and approachable, especially for someone new to the project. And if you have multiple people commiting use StyleCop to enforce a consistent style. Consistency trumps style preference each and every time. It really helps stave off code rot too.

This test method is from the NuGet source:

The NuGet project is well layed out and very approachable. When contributing to OSS project, you will have a better chance of getting your pull request accepted if it matches the maintainers style. Here we have different casing style for locally declared variables and an unclear rule as to when one should use var or not. All in same method so was probably written by same person. This add a barrier, albeit a small one, to contributing.